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The Young Leader Of The Year award will go to a student who has made a significant impact in their local community through the development of their leadership abilities.

A young leader is someone who displays strong leadership qualities and has a vision for the change they hope to make in their community. They possess a high level of motivation and enthusiasm to achieve their goals, and they are willing to take risks to achieve them.

Young leaders are open-minded and willing to listen to others, valuing diverse perspectives and opinions.

Young leaders aim to inspire and motivate others, leading by example and setting high standards for themselves and their team. They are excellent communicators, able to articulate their vision and inspire others to work towards achieving it. Most importantly, a young leader is adaptable and resilient, able to navigate challenges and setbacks with grace and determination. They are always learning and growing, seeking out opportunities to improve themselves and their skills.

Whether you're working to make a change around your community, leading an advocacy initiative around your school or organising a fundraising campaign, this is the award category for you!

Main Info
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Our National 2023 Finalists Are Now Live!

Nomination Questions:

As part of the Young Leader Award Category, all nominees will be asked to provide answers to the following questions in 800 characters or less per question:

  • What inspired you to become a leader, and what leadership qualities do you possess?

  • What is your leadership style, and how do you lead and inspire those around you?

  • What challenges have you faced as a leader, and how have you overcome them?

  • What are your goals as a leader, and how do you plan to achieve them?

  • How have you used your leadership skills to make a positive impact in your community or industry?

  • Is there anything else you wish to share?

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Eligibility Criteria: 

To be able to nominate for the Young Leader Of The Year award category, you must meet the following eligibility criteria: 

  • Must live in Australia

  • Must be a student in year 4 to year 12

  • Must have the approval of a parent or guardian to nominate 

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Our National 2023 Finalists Are Now Live!

Judging Criteria:

As part of the Young Leader Award Category, all nominations will be judged on the following criteria with each criteria weighted equally:

Skill Building

  • How has this young person worked to develop their leadership skills? Has this young person worked to refine their skills and access opportunities for personal growth?


Application & Implementation

  • How has this young person worked to apply their leadership skills? Have they been able to lead in different settings and what impact did they make?


Passion & Drive

  • Has this young person demonstrated a passion for their work and projects? How has this young person shown perseverance, determination and resilience along their journey?


Future Focus

  • Has this young person demonstrated a desire to continue developing and implementing their leadership skills? Where do they hope to go next and do they have a clear path to get there?

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Nominate Now
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Nominate Now:

If this award category sounds like you, we would absolutely love to see your nomination! Nominations are open to all students in Australia from Year 4 - 12.


If you're not sure whether or not this is the category for you, nominate anyway as you never know, you could be Australia's next Young Leader Of The Year! 

Nominations are now closed, but click the button below to meet our finalists.

Other Categories:

The Young Leader Of The Year Award is just one of the six awards up for grabs as part of the 2023 Next Gen Awards.


To see what other categories are open for nomination, click the button below: 

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