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Elliott Mitchell

Program Coordinator At BOP Industries

Hi I’m Elliott!


I’m a Program Coordinator and Facilitator at BOP Industries with a background in International Business & Psychology. I have previously worked in Pharmacy as well as Marketing which has allowed me to develop relationships across various industry. I was previously training as an elite athlete in the sport of Swimming for over 10 years.


Throughout tertiary education, I have found my strengths in foreign trade, international communications, and strategy. I am particularly interested in the potential for innovation in education in the Asia-Pacific region.


I have a high degree of interest in fostering personal growth for myself and my peers. I continue to develop my career upholding those values. I am a passionate advocate for education equity and have a vested interest in health and overall well-being.

I enjoy connecting students with industry, which in turn helps students to develop their ideas and aid their creative thinking. One of my favourite travel experiences so far would have to be flying to Sydney and delivering our IBM Cybersecurity programs in late 2022.

Elliott Mitchell
Program Coordinator
Top Program: Your Digital Presence
Top Destination: Sydney
Why Aren't You Boring: I was previously competing as a national swimmer achieving a top 10 result in Australia.
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