At BOP Industries We're Hiring A

Logistics Manager

Role: Part-Time (2-3 Days Per Week)

+ The Ability To Increase To Full-Time Dependant On Performance 


Location: BOP HQ Brisbane 

155 Queen Street, Brisbane 


Pay: $200 per day ($400 - $600 Per Week) 

Key Performance Indicators: 

- Tasks Completed Promptly And To A High Standard

- Workshops Executed To A High Standard 

- Positive Feedback From Staff And Clients

Our workshop logistics manager will be in charge of handling all logistics around upcoming workshops and programs. Based in the BOP office in Brisbane, this role will see the logistics manager working closely with all areas of the business to plan and execute upcoming programs. 


After a workshop has been booked in, the workshop logistics manager will receive the information for the upcoming workshop with all the information around the program, location, times, etc. From there, the logistics manager will work closely with the BDM to ensure the client is updated with all the details of the program. Behind the scenes, they will also coordinate with the facilitation team to ensure that facilitators are rostered on and have all the necessary information to deliver the program. The logistics manager is not responsible for building the programs, but will be required to find someone to build the program and they will be responsible for ensuring the program is completed in time for the workshop. When it comes to the workshop, the logistics manager will pack the suitcase of materials for the facilitators and ensure the lead facilitator has everything they need for the program. Post-program, the logistics manager will unpack the suitcase and do a brief wrap up on how the program went from a logistics point of view. 


Other duties for the workshop logistics manager include:

  • School Holiday Workshops 

    • Handling all parent communications including emails before and after the event

    • Organising and preparing student welcome packs including books, pens, etc. 

    • Organising the photographer for the workshop and getting the photos

    • Posting photos to Facebook post-event with a wrap-up 


We're looking for eager, self-motivated and driven applicants to join a passionate, fast-paced team on a mission to inspire and empower students across the country and around the world. 

For Success In The Role You Will Need:  

- Excellent Time And Task Management Skills

- Planning And Delegation Skills 

- The Ability To Manage Rosters And Contact Staff 

- Clear Communication Skills

- Organisational Skills 

- Strong Written And Verbal Communication Skills 

- The Ability To Write And Follow Procedures And Checklists

- Interpersonal Skills To Allow You To Connect With All Members Of The Team

Opportunities In The Role:

- Working With A Small And Dynamic Team 

- The Ability To Have Your Say In The Overall Direction and Strategy Of The Business 

- A Great Deal Of Growth Potential In The Role As Workload Increases

- The Ability To Work On A Range Of Different Projects With Different Requirements 

- Experience Taking Initiative And Growing Quickly As you Work With A Small Team 

- Experience Working With A Diverse Range Of Staff In The Organisation

- This Role Also Has The Ability To Increase In Hours And Salary Depending On Your Success

For more information on the BOP programs, please visit:

If you have any more questions about the role, please do not hesitate to contact the BOP team at

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