Innovation in Education Festival

The Innovation in Education Festival is proud to be bringing together educators, entrepreneurs and industry. Join us in-person or online, where delegate will be involved in networking events, panel discussions, keynotes and interactive workshops. Delegates will come together to share knowledge, best practice, connections and ideas around the future of education.

The Future Of Generation Z

Generation Z, our digital natives, are growing up in a world unlike that of any other generation before. Surrounded by touch screen devices, fluent in social media, and well versed in the power of the internet, this generation is wired to solve problems in a truly unique way. So what does this mean for them as the progress into the workforce?

Digital Meets Physical

Our world today looks very different than it did just 20 years ago. Today technology is everywhere we look. In our homes, in our pockets, in our cars and in our schools. So what does this mean for the next 20 years and what can we expect?

Embracing Our Future Cities

Science is developing in leaps and bounds, and some of the world's greatest innovations have come from our scientific discoveries. In this talk we will be exploring how our cities have changed and will continue to change to become truly smart and sustainable places for us to live, work and play.

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Building A School Of The Future

With the world around us changing so rapidly, we need to ensure that our schools are keeping up as we work to equip our students for the future of work. From the way our classrooms look to the way we teach we'll be exploring what a school of the future might look like, and how we can start preparing today. 

Supporting Our Young Innovators

After an action packed morning exploring what is happening in industry, we’ll be looking back into our own classrooms as we’re joined by innovative educator, Meagan King, as she explores how we can build a culture of innovation at our schools.

The Principal's Panel

The way we teach now is very different to how we used to 20 years ago. With an increase in technology, industry partnerships and global opportunities, our schools are working hard to ensure we’re preparing our students for an unknown future of work. In this panel discussion we will be joined by a selection of Western Australian principals to discuss their insights into the future of education.

Designing A School Of The Future

After hearing from our educators, we’re going to turn our attention to our infrastructure as we look at designing a school of the future. In this session we’ll be exploring the question, how can we design a school of the future?

Building A School Of The Future Graphic.

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Festival Details

To ensure that we have the best possible accessibility, we will be running the Innovation in Education Festival as a simultaneously in-person and online event. 

In-Person Event

Methodist Ladies' College Claremont will be the host of the Innovation in Education Festival in-person event. The Festival will be fully-catered, including the Cocktail Evening event on Monday 5th July. We can't wait to see you there!

Online Event

The online version of the Innovation in Education Festival will provide attendees access to presentations by keynote speakers, opportunities to contribute to panel discussions, and activities to participate in as part of the Festival's workshops.