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Industry Exploration Programs

Our Industry Exploration programs have been designed to give high school students the opportunity to build their skills in corporate innovation and intrapreneurship through industry focussed hackathons and challenges.


These programs will see students working on one of a selection of challenges set by leading global organisations as students build their 21st-century skills and learn about the opportunities in these industries. With a mix of project based learning, hands on challenges, and mini masterclasses these programs have been designed to give students the opportunity to get a taste of what it's like to be an intrapreneur in leading organisations around the world.

Smart Cities

In our ‘Smart Cities' workshop we will have students looking at how we use technology to make our lives easier, more efficient and more enjoyable. This workshop will see students looking at how technology is used to improve life in cities around the world, and how they can redesign their city to be a truly smart city.

Innovation In Aviation

With flights becoming longer as airlines experiment with +20 hour ultra long-haul flights, airlines are now shifting their attention towards economy passengers to look at how they can enhance the inflight experience and make it more enjoyable for those in economy class over long periods of time. Students will be challenged to redesign their own long haul flight aimed at making the experience more enjoyable for economy class passengers.

Zero Waste Mining

In our Zero Waste Mining Challenge, students will be working to develop a mine that produces no waste and leaves the surrounding area in a better condition then they found it. Students will need to consider the environment, community, technology and materials as they plan what their mine will look like and how it will run.

Entrepreneurial Pathways 

Our Entrepreneurial Pathways program has been designed to show students the different careers they can have in entrepreneurship. This program will see students looking at the process of starting a business as they build their own venture. Students will be exploring social enterprises, startups, influencer brands and small businesses as they pull apart their favourite brands to see what makes them tick. 

Sustainable Futures

Our Sustainable Futures challenge will see students working to design a new city in their state set to be an environmental haven. This city needs to not only be environmentally friendly, but it also needs to be a place that people genuinely want to live, showing communities around the world how you can develop a truly sustainable city. 

The Future Of Transport

 Students will be investigating the current issues surrounding transport in our cities and around the world, and exploring what the future of transport might look like. By giving students a glimpse into the transport industry and the current innovations, students will be challenged to design a company a transport company that services a particular industry or segment of the population. 

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Our Values

At BOP we create programs that you wouldn't typically see in a standard classroom. We focus on innovation in education and aim to build unique experiences for students that help them explore pathways and opportunities they hadn't previously considered. Everything we do is created by young people, for young people and is bolstered with industry knowledge and academic fundamentals. We have a few key pillars that shape the work we do, these are:


We strongly believe in building true multipotentialites; students with a range of interests in diverse areas. Research shows the students require diverse skillsets for success and we encourage this.

Student Centred

The student is at the centre of all we do at BOP. Our programs are developed by young people, for young people and we work to create content students will enjoy consuming and working with first and foremost.

Real, Relevant, Relatable

Historically the three R's of education have always been Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic. As we prepare our students for the workforce of the future we have redefined our three R's to ensure everything we do is Real, Relevant and Relatable.

The Power Of Gen Z

Generation Z, our digital natives, are growing up in a world unlike that of any other generation. Because of this they think in a very different way. At BOP we encourage our students to think big and share their ideas, opinions and views on the work they're doing.

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