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Hologram Links

For those that have purchased one of our hologram displays we have collected a few of our favourite videos for you to try out as well as other links and search terms and links to some apps to use to create your own holograms! 

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Sample Videos

Other Search Terms 

There are thousands of other free videos on youtube for you to use with your hologram display featuring a range of content from people to animals, vehicles and all sorts of other beautiful graphics. We have collected some search terms to try entering in youtube to find more amazing videos!

4 Face hologram 

Hologram Videos


Pyramid Holo

Hologram App

For those feeling a little adventurous there are also a range of apps you can download for free from the app store or google play. From having your own holographic pets to even turning your own photos and videos into holograms these apps have all sorts of capabilities. We are currently working to develop our own app but for the meantime try some of these!


'Hologram Pyramid Videos'

'Holo Player'

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