At BOP Industries We're Hiring A

Head Facilitator

Role: Part-Time (2-3 Days Per Week)

+ The Ability To Increase To Full-Time Dependant On Performance 


Location: BOP HQ Brisbane 

155 Queen Street, Brisbane 


Pay: $250 per day ($500 - $750 Per Week) 

Key Performance Indicators: 

- Facilitators Consistently Delivering Programs To A High Standard

- BOP Always Has Facilitators To Deliver Programs 

- Positive Feedback From Staff And Clients

- Programs Developed On Time And To A High Standard

As we get busier and busier, continuing to host more workshops, we need to ensure our staff are trained to deliver a high-quality product at every workshop and event. For this, we are Hiring a Head Facilitator. This person will be responsible for ensuring our facilitators are trained to deliver a high-quality workshop or program, whilst also managing the creation of our workshop programs and ensuring they are always delivered to a high standard. 


Our Head Facilitator will be in charge of managing our facilitators and delivering the relevant training and providing relevant resources to allow them to perform to the best of their abilities in the classroom. This includes training support facilitators and BOP ambassadors how to support the lead facilitator in the classroom, whilst also giving them the skills and knowledge to take more responsibility in their role. In addition to this, the Head Facilitator will be responsible for identifying and training lead facilitators to take lead delivering programs. 


As part of their facilitator management role, the Head Facilitator will also be responsible for managing the quality of our facilitators and ensuring all facilitators are delivering programs to a high standard. This will see the Head Facilitator collecting feedback from clients and team and sourcing or creating the relevant training materials to deliver to the facilitators to ensure they are adequately trained in their roles. 


In addition to managing our facilitators delivery in the classroom, the Head Facilitator will also be responsible for a holistic view of the workshop product delivered under their watch. This will see the Head Facilitator working to build slides and programs for new workshops and also managing other facilitators doing the same thing. This will see them managing quality to ensure all new programs are developed and delivered to a high standard.

We're looking for passionate, experienced and human-centric applicants to take lead in this role as we work to inspire and empower students across the country and around the world. 

For Success In The Role You Will Need:  

- Experience In The Classroom

- Experience Working In Teams To Deliver A Quality Service

- The Ability To Create Resources And Training Programs

- Strong Interpersonal Skills To Connect With A Diverse Team Of Facilitators

- The Ability To Deliver Feedback To Facilitators 

- The Ability To Make Connections Between Client Feedback And Required Training For Facilitators

Opportunities In The Role:

- Working With A Small And Dynamic Team 

- The Ability To Have Your Say In The Overall Direction and Strategy Of The Business 

- The Ability To Shape The BOP Product And Facilitators 

- Opportunity To Increase Your Impact And Responsibility As The Team Grows 

- This Role Also Has The Ability To Increase In Hours And Salary Depending On Your Success

For more information on the BOP programs, please visit:

If you have any more questions about the role, please do not hesitate to contact the BOP team at

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