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Educators and students are facing an overwhelming amount of pressure as they navigate through senior year. Students are presumed to graduate school with well-rounded skills and a clear plan that will set them on their desired career pathway, whilst teachers are expected to have prepared their students for a workforce that is constantly changing.


BOP Industries and Grand Company are passionate about inspiring students to embrace their talents, develop new skills and prepare for what lies ahead. Our aptly-named ‘Future of Work’ program aims to do just this. We understand that the students of today are going to face a workforce that is vastly different to what it is now, and we want them to graduate school with the confidence of knowing they are ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way.


Our ‘Future of Work’ program is designed to develop and strengthen a range of skills that will help every student - no matter what pathway they decide to follow after school. Students will walk away from these workshops with a clearer appreciation of themselves and their future pathways, as well as an in-depth understanding of the skills they need to thrive in the workforce and how to apply them.

Available Masterclasses:

We have a number of future of work units that you can choose for your students. Here's what we have on offer:

Taking Initiative

What does it mean to ‘take initiative?’ By the end of this unit students will be able to confidently answer this question and demonstrate what it looks like in practice.


Adaptability is an important skill that extends across industries. In this unit students will participate in a series of tasks and then adapt to changing conditions to complete the tasks successfully.

Cultural Awareness

As the workforce becomes increasingly interconnected and teams diversify, it’s important for people to develop cultural awareness across ages and industries. 

Strengths And Weaknesses

This unit will see students identify their strengths and weaknesses and use this to analyse how they prefer to work, and who with before negotiating challenges based on their identified strengths and weaknesses.

Automation vs. Augmentation

With all this talk of automation taking over jobs, we will get students to think critically about the difference between automation and augmentation, and how it will affect the workforce of the future.

Self Management

This workshop is all about helping students understand how they best learn, collaborate and contribute. We will have students identify what kind of learner they are, and put together a plan to help them self-manage tasks based on this.

Collaboration And Communication

Collaboration and communication is an important skill to learn and can be applied in all areas of a person’s life. This unit will see students communicating and collaborating with others in difficult real-world situations.

Identifying Opportunities

In this unit students will reflect on past work and extracurricular activities they have engaged with and map out the skills they developed from these activities

Download The Full Future Of Work Masterclass Outline Here: 

Future Of Work White Paper: 

The world is progressing faster than we could have ever imagined. As technology advances, and new industries are born, the demand for new skill sets will emerge.

Our Future Of Work White Paper, published in collaboration with Grand Company, will look at some of the emerging trends and how we can start preparing for this change. 

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