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Our after school programs have been designed to get students thinking big and focussing on cross-curricular, project-based learning as they tackle challenges, build skills and work on projects that get them thinking about the world around them.


With everything from designing future cities to launching influencer brands, building businesses, working with technology, and more, we have a range of plug-and-play after-school programs available for your school.


Our after school programs typically run for 6-8 weeks and cost $25 per student per week which can be covered by the school, or passed onto participants. 

BOP Business Builders - Brisbane After School Program

Business Builders

In our Business Builders program students will be creating their own small business with a business plan, pitch, and more ready to launch at the end of the term. 

BOP Industries Aviation Route Launch - Brisbane After School Program

Aviation Route Launch

In our Aviation Route Launch program, students will be designing a new route for an airline as the explore everything from aircraft economics, floor plan design, menu creation and more.

BOP Industries - Digital Creators - Brisbane After School Program

Digital Creators

Our Digital Creators after school program will see students getting hands-on with a range of creative technologies as they take part in a term-long tech tournament.

City Of The Future After School Program Brisbane - BOP Industries

City Of The Future

Our City Of The Future program has been designed to get students creating their own city of the future as they explore technology, user-centred design, innovation, and more. 

Sustainable Futures After School Program Brisbane - BOP Industries

Sustainable Futures

Our Sustainable Futures program will see students looking at how they can design sustainable solutions for our communities that don't compromise the quality of life. 


For us to host an after school program at your school we would ask the following:

- A classroom or space to host the workshop with tables and chairs for 20-30 students. 

- Access to a projector for us to share slides with the students.

- Students to bring their own devices (high school programs only)

- Help to promote these programs to your school community 

Who Is It For?

All of our sessions are able to be tailored for primary and high school students. We would typically recommend running primary programs with grade 3-6 students and high school sessions with 7-10 students. We are however happy to take direction from the hosting school.

Our sessions would typically run for 70 minutes with primary students and 90 minutes with high school students, however we are happy to take direction from the hosting school.

What's Involved

A typical after school program would see our team taking bookings through our own site and creating a graphic and flyer for you to share with your school community. 

For each session, our facilitators will arrive 30 minutes prior to the program start time to set up the space. We will set up and run the program with the students after school and then pack up and sign out after the program is finished. 

We don't typically require teacher supervision, however, if you would like to have a teacher sitting in to supervise, it is always welcome. 

What's Live This Term?


If you're wondering what programs we're offering right now, make sure to follow the link below to view our current schedule of upcoming programs hosted at schools across the state. 

We host school holiday and after-school programs with school and corporate partners each term and each school holidays. 

We're always looking for new partners to host programs with and if that sounds like you, make sure to fill out a contact form below, we'd love to get in touch. 

BOP Industries After School Programs

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