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Digital Leader Workshops

Cybersafety Workshops For Grade 7-12 Students | BOP x IBM SkillsBuild

In 2022 BOP are partnering with IBM Skillsbuild to embark on a national tour teaching students all over Australia about how to be safe online with our Digital Leader cybersafety workshops.


On this page you can find all of the information you need to book your school in for our FREE workshops!


About The Program

The Digital Leader workshops are a series of hands-on workshops designed to teach high school students about cyber safety in a real, relevant and relatable way.


Delivered in partnership with IBM SkillsBuild, these workshops are being offered free of charge to government and low-fee independent schools across Australia.


With a focus on hands on activities, and relevant case studies, these programs have been designed to get students thinking about how safe they are being online, and how the technology they use to connect and collaborate can be used in different ways.

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Why Is Cyber Safety Important?

Generation Z, those born between the years 1995 - 2010, are a generation unlike any other that has come before. Growing up in a world of touch screen devices and constant connectivity, this generation often learns how to use devices before they learn how to speak. It is this unique development that has coined them the nickname of the ‘Digital Natives’.


This generation doesn't see screen time and constant connectivity as a bad thing, they see technology as an extension of themselves, and as a tool to help them connect, collaborate and learn.


Technology helps Generation Z in many aspects of their lives, but it also makes them vulnerable to online harassment, phishing, fraud on the internet, privacy leaks, and other cybercrimes. Now more than ever is it crucial that we teach students about cyber safety.

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In 2020-2021 Australians lost over $33 billion to cyber crime

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Every 8 minutes a cyber crime is reported in Australia alone

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Youth and over 75 are the most targeted for cyber crimes

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95% of security breaches were a result of human error

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Cybercrime went up 600% due to the COVID-19 pandemic

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Fraud, online shopping & banking are the most common cyber crimes

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IBM SkillsBuild for Educators

Educators can access easy-to-implement resources that enable their schools and organisations to support student career planning and exploration with minimal training.

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IBM SkillsBuild for Learners

IBM SkillsBuild for Students exposes High School students to the emerging career fields and skills needed for success in the future workforce. A starting point for career exploration.

What Is SkillsBuild?

Throughout our cyber safety workshops we will be using the IBM SkillsBuild Platform. The SkillsBuild Platform is helping IBM in their mission to help people prepare for the changing world of work.


The pace of digital acceleration and the demand for core technical and professional skills continues to intensify. IBM, believe that learners at all stages of the employment continuum need access to the skills that will allow them to compete in an ever-evolving economy. IBM has been committed to closing the gap for students, job seekers, and the organisations that support them through our programs and platforms for decades. SkillsBuild is a free platform that has two key sections; one for students and one for educators.

Our Progms

Our Programs

We offer four different versions of of our Digital Leader cybersafety workshops to best accommodate the needs of your students. Our different variations are as following:

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Your Digital Presence

Year 7 - 9 Students

This program has been designed to get students thinking about their digital presence and how they connect online. We'll be exploring all things social media, email etiquite and personal branding.

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Careers In Cyber Security

Year 7 - 9 Students

This program has been designed to get students diving deeper into the potential careers available to them in the cybersecurity industry as they explore jobs of the future, ethical challenges with technology, and opportunities in the industry.

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Our Digital World

Year 10 - 12 Students

This program will see students exploring how we use technology in the way we live, work, and play before then looking at how they can keep their information secure and understand technology trends in the workforce.

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Digital Changemakers

Year 10 - 12 Students

This program has been designed for students interested in exploring a career in the technology industry as we dive deep into cybersafety, emerging challenges and trends in tech, and exciting opportunities for young people.

The Details

The Details

Here are some of the key details that you need to know before booking in our Digital Leadership Workshops that we are offering:

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Program Dates:

To secure a date please complete our booking form and one of our team will be in touch. We are based in Brisbane, however, will be travelling around to different locations to deliver these programs.

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Who Is This For:

Our programs have been designed for any students in years 7 - 12. Please note you are welcome to select more than one of the programs to be delivered during the day. You can find out more about our programs here.

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Our workshops would take place in your school. All we would require is a space that could hold 30 - 50 students has a projector/screen, tables and chairs. Our programs would be ran by 2 of our BOP facilitators.

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Using SkillsBuild:

We will be using the SkillsBuild platform throughout the program, and would require students to sign up for the free platform. In order to do this we would need students full name and email sent through at least 1 week prior to the program.

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Program Times:

The sessions will run for between 1-2 hours per session. We are flexible with session length to accomodate your school timetable and can run multiple sessions a day. We would aim to run sessions with a minimum of 100 students per day.

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Want More Information:

Should you have any questions at all about the programs please get in touch with Emma our operations manager. Her contact details can be found below:


Phone: 0434 125 913

The Team Delivering The Programs

The Team

BOP Industries is a Brisbane based education company that works with primary and high school students. We offer an array of incursions, excursions, consultancy and personal development programs.


Initially started by a group of teenagers in a school business project in 2014, the company has grown over the past eight years to become an international force in the education space.

Since delivering their first workshop in 2018 the company has worked with over 65,000 students across 36 locations around the world. Now the team has the pleasure of working with teachers, industry leaders and passionate students to deliver inspiring programs.


In 2022 BOP are partnering with IBM to help them reach as many students in Australia to teach them about the importance of being safe online and how the SkillsBuild platform can help build their skills as they get ready to enter into the workforce.


To find out more about our journey throughout the years please make sure to check out our website and follow us on our social pages!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q- Do All Students Need To Sign Up For The SkillsBuild Platform?

Yes, students that will be participating in the workshop will need to sign up for the free platform and complete the cyber safety quiz before the program

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Q- Will Students/Workshops Be Photographed?

We would aim to have around 4 to 5 students photographed per workshop, however, we will confirm this closer to the date and provide media consent forms.

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Q- How Many Sessions Can I Have Per School?

Our sessions can hold up to 50 students with a minimum of 100 students per day. You can have as many different sessions over a 3  day maximum.

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Q- What Happens With Covid Delays?

In an event of a Covid lockdown, we can reschedule your program or deliver virtually.

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Q- What Locations Are We Visiting?

We are Brisbane based, however, we will be travelling all around Australia.

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Q- Where Is Student Information Going?

All information collected goes to IBM SkillBuild. Their privacy policy can be found here.

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Q- What Do I Need To Do Before The Workshop?

We have put together a checklist for everything you need to do before your program! It can be found here.

Get Involved

Get Involved

Whilst our hope is to get to as many school as we can and reach as many students, we do have limited positions for these programs.


If you are interested in securing your schools spot for one or multiple of these programs we ask that you fill in the booking form.


Within the booking form you can also find information about our privacy policy and media consent. In terms of our media consent we would love to get a few photos of around 5-10 students however, will be in touch regards to this closer to the day.


Once the booking form is completed our operations manager Emma will be in touch to look in your date and to confirm any other logistics ready for your program.

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