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BOP Industries And Cross River Rail

Are Proud To Present

Albert Street Transformation

Innovation Challenge For Grade 4 - 10 Students

Welcome to the Albert Street Transformation Challenge.

In this challenge, you will be working to design a city of the future. You will be exploring how the Albert Street transformation will change Brisbane now and into the future.

Albert Street station will be the first CBD train station built in more than 120 years and become the main public transport access to places of work, study, and recreation.

With the station build 31m underground and spanning 220m in length, this project is set to transform Brisbane's CBD as it relieves congestion and brings the precinct to life. 

In this challenge students will be exploring four different elements of the transformation as they consider the history, the users, the numbers and the livability of the transformation. 

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The Challenge Areas

This resource is comprised of a series of challenge areas to get students using their skills in STEM, history and geography, social sciences and business. The challenges areas in this resource are as follows:

History Of Albert Street

 In order to understand the history and past development of Albert Street, we first need to take a look at the overarching changes in Brisbane. Students will start by exploring how Albert Street has grown and changed over the past two centuries.

Human-Centred Design

The human-centred design component of the challenge will see students identifying the diverse range of citizens that use Albert Street every day and what design considerations must be made for them. 

Transport Engineering

The transport engineering arm of the challenge will see students identifying how people currently get around Brisbane as they compare the transport options, commute time and environmental impact of each option. 


Finally, students will bring all of their learnings together to redesign elements of Albert Street to increase the livability for citizens now and into the future. 

About The Cross River Rail Project 

Cross River Rail is a new 10.2 kilometre rail line from Dutton Park to Bowen Hills, which includes 5.9 kilometres of twin tunnels under the Brisbane River and CBD.


By unlocking the bottleneck at the core of the transport network, Cross River Rail will allow more trains to run more often to enable a turn-up-and-go transport system for the whole of South East Queensland.

The project is expected to create an additional 18,000 seats on Brisbane trains, and take approximately 14,000 cars off the road.