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Curriculum Aligned Programs

We have a number of programs aligned with the Australian Curriculum, designed to help teachers give their students access to real world examples, case studies and tools that are exciting, engaging and relatable for students. With a broad range of units available for our workshops, we are also able to tailor our programs for different units across subject areas and year levels. Just inquire at the contact us tab for more information. 

In addition to these real world links, we also have a large focus on developing a range of 21st century skills within our students. The QCAA has recently published a series of '21st Century Skills' to align with the 'General Capabilities' that have been identified as crucial for student success in the workforce of the future. Our programs are full of these skills as we work to deliver them in a fun and engaging way. In our programs we aim to inspire the following qualities in all of our students:


We aim to inspire innovators that think outside of the box and push boundaries with their creations.


We aim to inspire entrepreneurs that are constantly looking for links between their learning and the real world.

Lifelong Learners

We aim to inspire lifelong learners that are constantly working to gain a deeper understanding.

Global Citizens

We aim to inspire global citizens that are focussed on fixing the issues facing our world today. 

We aim to inspire these qualities in our students by

developing the following skills throughout each workshop:

Critical Thinking

Creative Thinking

- Innovation 

- Creativity 

- Curiosity

- Problem Solving

- Reasoning

- Analytical Thinking


- Sharing Ideas

- Verbal Presentations

- Effective Word Choice


- Understanding Perspectives 

- Interacting With Others

- Participate and Contribute 

Social Skills

ICT Skills

- Digital Confidence

- Creating with ICT

- Innovating with ICT

- Resilience 

- Leadership 

- Ethical Understanding

Business Curriculum 

Design and Technologies Curriculum 

General Programs

Business Curriculum 

Grade 7 - Business and Economics


In our Grade 7 business and economics curriculum the focus is on exploring characteristics of successful businesses and looking at how entrepreneurial behaviour contributes to business success. Throughout this program there is also a large focus on personal, community, national and regional issues and examples. 

For this curriculum, we have designed our 'Ideation To Creation' workshop that will see students exploring what makes their favourite businesses tick before they have a go building their own businesses using entrepreneurial skills to build businesses solving local issues.  

Our 'Ideation To Creation' Course contains 6 hours of content with students. This can be run as a full day, or broken down into smaller masterclasses.

Ideation To Creation Units: 

- Business Goal Setting 

- Characteristics of Entrepreneurs + Successful Businesses

- Consumers And Producers

- Identifying Problems and Developing Solutions 

- Business Model Canvases

- Product Design + Branding and Marketing

- Pitching

Grade 8 - Business and Economics


Our Grade 8 business and economics curriculum is centred around how different businesses respond to opportunities in the market as well as how people work now and in the future. This is a fantastic opportunity to start introducing students to the future of work as well as how some of their favourite brands do business. 

For this unit we have two programs to offer. The first is our 'Future Of Work' program that will see students starting to explore a number of elements of how people work now and how that might change into the future. The second is a combination of our 'Scale Up' and 'Corporate' programs that will see students competing in a game with some of their favourite brands to try and stay competitive in the changing market.


These are two fantastic programs to get students on their feet and hands-on with the content. Our 'Future Of Work' program consists of 6 hours of content, and our 'Scale Up' program consists of 2-3 hours. 

Future Of Work Units: 

- Automation vs. Augmentation Of Roles

- Adaptability 

- Identifying Opportunities 

- Cultural Awareness + Diversity

Scale Up Units: 

- Types Of Businesses

- Responding To Opportunities

- Competitive Advantage

- Adaptability

- Cost-Benefit + Managing Risk

Grade 9 - Business and Economics


For Grade 9 we begin to look at businesses working on the global stage, as well as looking at Australia's role in the economy and how we compare with what is happening around the world. For this unit, we've teamed up with some amazing global Australian businesses to show students how some of the brands they know and love went global. 

For this unit, we've developed our 'Global Innovators' program that will see students working with iconic Australia businesses to see how they first went global before looking at some of the challenges their facing and how the students can develop solutions and recommendations using their learnings. 

Our 'Global Innovators' consists of 3 hours of content that should be delivered together and it is a great, high energy, hands-on warm up for assessment that can be run with students with varying ranges of prior experience. 

Global Innovators Units: 

- Australian Businesses Trading With Asia 

- Risk Management 

- Innovation + Competitive Advantage  

- Pivoting + Business Recommendations

- Business Strategy

Grade 10 - Business and Economics


We're still working on our programs tailored to the grade 10 business curriculum. Bear with us and we'll have some more awesome programs for you soon. If you want to be kept up to date, just send us an email at

Grade 11 + 12 - Business


The Grade 11 and 12 Business curriculum has students working with businesses from startup to maturity stage. With students working with a variety of real-world case studies, we have developed a series of programs for each unit to help engage and inspire students, showing them the range of businesses that exist. 

For this course, we have four different programs for each unit to take students from startup through to post maturity stages of business, with a focus on real-world examples. Workshops for these units are designed to give students a fast-paced crash course on the content they'll be learning throughout the unit and we have created resources for teachers to then come in and expand on the concepts and activities from the session. 

Unit Two - Startup + Growth: 

Unit Two will see students working in a fast-paced program to develop a launch and growth plan for their own businesses. This is a great, hands-on way for students to understand the challenges of the startup and growth stage of business, and how they can be overcome.

Unit One - Seed Stage: 

Unit One, topic one and two, will see students looking at the fundamentals of starting a business by first analysing and making recommendations for a number of Australian startups, and then building their own to apply their knowledge. 



- Creation Of Business Ideas

- Types Of Businesses 

- Strategic Planning 

- Business Goals 

- Environmental Factors 

- Analysis

- Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur



- Strategic Planning For A Startup

- Market Entry Strategy

- Business Goals 

- Action Plans 

- Promotional Strategies 

- Forecasting And Budgeting

- Competitive Advantage

Unit Four - Business Evolution: 

Unit Four will see students taking leadership of old Australian corporates to plan and develop a business transformation whilst dealing with a number of environmental factors that come up in real world business. This is a fun and fast-paced game of strategy for students to learn on the go!

Unit Three  - Diversification: 

Unit Three will see students taking ownership of Australian corporates as they develop plans for global expansions whilst navigating the challenges of maintaining diversity, satisfaction and efficiency.  



- Expansion Strategies 

- Global Markets 

- Quality Assurance 

- Risk Management 

- Human Resources 

- Competivie Markets

- Differentiation



- Post Maturity Challenges 

- Branding And Marketing 

- Budgeting And Finances 

- Operations And Quality Control

- Human Capital 

- Innovation And Diversification 

- Competitor Analysis

Design and Technology Curriculum 

Grade 3 + 4 - Design and Technologies


The Grade 3 and 4 curriculum gives students the ability to create their own designed solutions and explore the impact that theirs and other products have on the wider community. In doing so, students learn to be critical, creative and innovative, and develop an awareness of the environmental, ethical and social implications of their designs. 

For our year 3/4 students we have built our 'Digital Creator' and 'Digital Innovator' programs that will see students looking at how they can use technology with a purpose to solve issues around their community, and the world. 

Digital Creator:

Our Digital Creator program will see students working with a range of new and emerging technologies to complete a series of technology challenges, before then looking at how this technology can be used to build solutions to local and global issues.

Digital Innovator:

Our Digital Innovator program has a big focus on sustainability with students looking at how they design solutions using technology and sustainability to develop a clean, green future. 



- Sustainability In Product Design

- Identifying Community Issues 

- Develop Products To Solve Issues

- Suitability Of Materials For Products

- Generate, Develop And Communicate Design Ideas 

- Evaluate Ideas

- Develop Criteria For Success

Grade 5 + 6 - Design and Technologies


Grade 5 and 6 curriculum sees students focussing on exploring and analysing commonly-used technologies. In considering the sustainability of certain technologies, students are able to design their own solutions that will lead to their preferred futures. 

For this, we've developed a number of different programs. Our 'Ideation to Creation' program is centred around creating innovative solutions to real-world issues in order to strive for a better future. To get students thinking critically about technology, our 'Digital Explorer', 'Digital Creator' and 'Digital Innovator' programs allow students to explore new and emerging technologies and consider how this technology can be used to create a positive impact whilst being ethically and environmentally sustainable. 

Grade 7 + 8 - Design and Technologies


The Grade 7 and 8 Design and Technologies curriculum sees students looking at the way technologies can be combined to design sustainable solutions for individuals and the community. With a big focus on creativity, innovation and enterprise skills, we see students designing their preferred futures.

For these we have our 'Ideation to Creation', 'Digital Innovators' and 'Digital Creator' programs. These range from two hours to full day sessions that see students looking at how technology, design and enterprise combine to build products and businesses that solve real world issues.

In addition to this, we have also created our 'Digital Designer' program to get students looking at how products are designed and marketed as they pull apart some of their favourite products to look at the design elements, the branding, the design thinking and more.

Grade 9 + 10 - Design and Technologies


In Grade 9 and 10 Design and Technologies we are focussing on creating designed solutions for needs or opportunities in the community or around the world. Through this, students are using their creativity, innovation and enterprise skills as they look at designing their preferred futures to help solve global issues whilst taking into account a range of new and emerging technologies. 

For this we have designed our 'Digital Creator', 'Digital Innovator' and 'Ideation to Creation' programs to explore a range of new and emerging technologies and to see how they can be developed further and used to solve real world problems. In addition to this, we also have our 'Future Founders' program to see how these innovations can be turned into businesses. 

General Programs

Grade 3 + 4 - General Programs


For our Grade 3 and 4 students we are looking at just starting to introduce them to 21st century skills and general capabilities and we have a super play-based learning program for them. Looking at incorporating technology into a range of aspects of their learning, we love working with our 'Digital Explorer' program that sees them creating with a mix of new and emerging technologies.


In addition to this, we also start looking at our 'Digital Innovators' program that get students exploring how these technologies, and more, can be used in a range of real world situations. 

Grade 5 + 6 - General Programs


In Grade 5 and 6 we start extending our students a little bit further as they start to identify a range problems on a global, national and community level and look at how they can develop solutions for these problems as they work on their global citizenship. To do this we love using our 'Ideation to Creation' program and tying in creativity and technology with our 'Digital Creator' program as well. 

In addition to this, we find the students also love our 'Digital Explorer' technology programs. A great way to get them creating with technology! 

Grade 7 + 8 - General Programs


For our Grade 7 and 8 students we love to start introducing them to enterprise as we further their technology and creativity skills. For this we often use our 'Future Founder' programs as well as our 'Digital Creator' and 'Digital Innovators'. These programs incorporate a range of enterprise skills around innovation, entrepreneurship and global citizenship to get students ideating, creating and designing. 

In addition to this, we also love our 'Digital Influencer' program for this group to show them just how much work it takes to become one of the youtube star, e-sports gamer or instagram influencer they idolise.

Grade 9 + 10 - General Programs


In Grade 9 and 10 we start diving a bit deeper and look at how we can make our ideas a reality. For this we have designed our 'Future Founders', 'Digital Influencers' and 'Ideation to Creation' programs. These courses see students building out their ideas and commercialising their innovations in a fun, creative and super interactive way. 

Grade 11 + 12 - General Programs


For our Grade 11 and 12 students we have a full range of programs across business and innovation that see students learning how they can can take their innovations and creations from the classroom into the real world. Our 'Ideation to Creation' session is a great way to get students initially building their ideas before taking them through our 'Future Founder' program to commercialise their ideas.


From there we can look at our 'Digital Influencers' course on building their personal brand and creating content, or we could explore our 'Business Boss' program to get them taking their businesses to the next level.

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