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City Of The Future

Designing Our Cities For The Year 2100

Program Description

Our City Of The Future program will see students working on challenges to look at how technology is used in our cities, and we can use innovations from around the world to design our connected cities of the future. 


We live in a world with technology that is faster, smaller, easier to use and more affordable than ever before. With toothbrushes that can track what teeth you’ve brushed, fridges that can automatically order you milk as soon as you run out and even robots that can keep your pets and children entertained while you’re away, we’re seeing technology being used in every facet of our lives. 


In our City Of The Future program we will see students looking at how we use technology to make our lives easier, more efficient and more enjoyable. This session will see students exploring how technology is used in their city, and how they can use innovations from around the world to redesign a city of the future.  

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Key Themes

Throughout the program, students will be developing a diverse range of skills. The key themes of this program centre around:



Design Thinking

Program Outcomes

By the end of the program, students will be showcasing their technology solutions to challenges around their city. 

Upon completion, students will receive a certificate of completion and a micro-credential to showcase the skills they have build throughout the program.

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Skills Built

Throughout the program, students will be building a number of skills that they can then apply in their regular studies, or in other projects they are working on. For this program, the main skills developed are: 

Problem Solving

Innovative Thinking


Critical & Creative Thinking

Technology Understanding

Get A Taste Of The Program

If you're looking for a taste of the topics we'll be exploring in this program, here are a few videos to get your brain ticking!

Upcoming Programs


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Frequently Asked Questions

Kelvin Grove State College

Who Is This Program For?
This program is open for students in Grades 3-5 at Kelvin Grove State College. Whilst there are no set requirements of students before joining a BOP Program, we expect students to be ready to learn and participate in activities each week.

When Does The Program Run?
The program will commence in Week Three (19th October) and run until Week Nine (30th November). This program will run from 3:15pm - 4:30pm every Tuesday Afternoon.

Where Will The Program Be Held?
The program will be held in the Middle Senior Library Annex. Please advise your student to meet at the Junior School Administration Office directly after school. Our facilitator will then walk all of the students to the workshop location, which is at the Middle Senior Library Annexe.

What Do Students Need To Bring?
We ask that students bring a device if they have one. All other equipment will be provided.

Do Students Need Any Prior Experience?
Students don't need any prior experience for this program, but should have some degree of interest in the program topic or learning overall. We will be able to cater to different skill levels and interest areas, but students must be willing to respect our facilitators, learn new things, and participate in activities as directed.

Do You Offer Buy-Now-Pay-Later Services?
Yes we do! We're very excited to announce that you can use ZipPay to buy your ticket now and pay it off over the course of the term. 

If You Have Any Other Questions, Please Don't Hesitate To Contact The BOP Team At

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