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School Holiday Programs 

At BOP we're on a mission to show young people the amazing things they can do at any age, from anywhere. With school holiday programs designed for primary and high school students on topics ranging from business builders to young inventors, we offer a diverse range of programs over the school holidays and through the term. 

These school holidays we will be running a series of workshops open for students across South-East Queensland to innovate and create together. These programs will be facilitated by our passionate team of facilitators and will feature separate classes for primary and high school students on different topics.

Inventors Lab FM.png

Inventors Lab: FutureMakers

Brisbane - 155 Queen Street, Brisbane
Primary School: 21st + 22nd September
High School: September 23rd - 25th September

In our FutureMakers program, we will be looking at topics around the future of food, transport, and cities as students explore the exciting advancements in these fields, the emerging opportunities, and also the challenges that face our communities in these areas. 

Over the course of the program, we will be building engineering skills, our innovator's mindset, and our entrepreneurial capabilities as we create solutions to these complex problems as young inventors and futuremakers.

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Business Builders

Brisbane - St Paul's School, Bald Hills
Primary School: September 28th

As part of our Business Builders school holiday program, we will be working with students over one action-packed day as they follow their interests and grow their ideas into a tangible product or service, giving them a way to bring their ideas to life, whilst also making money doing so. Whether their venture returns a profit or remains in the classroom, students will adopt an entrepreneurial mindset where they will gain confidence in themselves and discover their potential.

St Paul's Young Innovators (1).png

Brisbane: Young Innovators

Brisbane - St Paul's School, Bald Hills
High School: September 29th + 30th

The Young Innovators school holiday program will see us looking forward to the next 20 years to see what innovations will continue to change the way we live as we work to design our own preferred futures. Looking at everything from innovation in aviation to future foods, smart cities, and the future of transport, we will be spending two days designing and creating to solve challenges our communities are facing today.