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With curriculum time getting busier and busier, a great way to inspire and empower students is before and after school with extracurricular programs for students. Our after school programs are fantastic at doing this and allow us to get students thinking big and focussing on cross-curricular, project-based learning as they tackle challenges, build skills and work on projects that get them thinking about the world around them and the exciting opportunities open to their generation.


With everything from designing future cities to launching influencer brands, building businesses, working with technology and more, we have a range of standard programs to choose from, or we're able to customise a program to your school community. Our after school programs typically run for 6-8 weeks and cost $30 per student per week. Here are some of the programs that we have on offer.

Young Entrepreneurs Program

Our Young Entrepreneurs Program will see students spending the term building their own small businesses ready to launch at the end of the program. This engaging and practical program will see students learning about business basics such as branding and marketing, product design, business models and commercialisation as they apply their learnings directly to their own businesses. 

This program will see students deconstructing their favourite brands to learn how the businesses they love work behind the scenes before then applying their learnings and these principles to their own brands. 

This program has been designed for primarily high school students and can be run over the course of a term or a semester.  

Digital Influencers Program

Imagine getting paid $100,000 just to post cute photos of your dog on Instagram! Or perhaps, being paid $500,000 to play 8 hours of video games on Twitch and YouTube. This is the crazy life of a social media influencer. In our Digital Influencer after school program, we'll be seeing how your students can make their start on this exciting journey!

This 8 week long Digital Influencers course aims to show young people how they can become influencers themselves and how they can do it at any age, from anywhere in a field that they are truly passionate about. This is a fun, hands on program that will see students looking at their favourite influencers, creating their own personal brand and putting together content plans in a safe and controlled environment.

Designed Spaces Program

As technology advances at an increasingly rapid rate, so does the way we work, live and play. Our cities, communities and spaces continue to develop and change to keep up to date with or increasingly diverse and demanding needs and as future leaders we need to understand the how our spaces function and understand how different members of our communities use our spaces in different ways.

Our 'Designed Spaces' program has been designed to get students thinking about the spaces around their homes and their school, and to think about how they can redesign these spaces incorporating features such as smart technology, sustainability and user centred design to make them spaces that are future ready and that enhance the quality of life for their users. With strong links to mathematics, technology, business and humanities, these program is a great way to engage students in cross curricular project based learning to build their skills whilst encouraging them to be more conscious citizens.

Future Of Transport Program

As our technology continues to develop at a rapid rate, so does the way we live, work and

play. One industry that is expected to see radical changes over the next decade is the

transportation industry. With an emergence of self driving cars, alternative forms of transport

and new automotive repair technologies, organisations and councils are becoming

increasingly focussed on what our cities are going to look like in 10, 50 and 80 years time as

the future of transport continues to develop.

By having students ponder problems such as how to repurpose unused carparks, how to get

more people active in the city and how to get people in and out of the city without

congestion, we have students using skills from across subject areas to design a driverless city

for the year 2100, designing the future Brisbane that they want to live in.

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