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After School Programs 

At BOP we're on a mission to show young people the amazing things they can do at any age, from anywhere. With after school programs designed for primary and high school students on topics ranging from smart cities to young inventors, we offer a diverse range of programs through the term. 

This term we will be running a series of online after school workshops open for students around the world to innovate and create together. These programs will be facilitated by our passionate team of facilitators and will feature separate classes for primary and high school students on different topics.

Term Four Online After School Programs

Week Of The 19th of October - Week Of 23rd of November


Our after school programs are a series of workshops for students interested in learning what it takes to design, create, and build their own airline or business. Our young people will work with an expert team of facilitators and will be challenged to bring their ideas to life!


Innovation In Aviation: Build Your Own Airline

Online Workshops

In our ‘Build Your Own Airline’ program, students will be learning the ins and outs of airline management as they build their own airline. Starting with picking a hub for their new airline, students will be planning routes, purchasing aircraft, designing their layout and more over the course of the term.

Primary Airline Builders
Commences: Wednesday 21st October 2020
Final Class: Wednesday 25th November 2020 

High School Airline Builders

Commences: Monday 19th October 2020

Final Class: Monday 23rd November 2020


Business Builders

Online Workshops

Have you ever thought about launching your own business? Well chances are it might be easier to do that you had thought. Our Business Builders after school program is designed to get young people identifying their passions and creating businesses around these.

Primary + High School Business Builders
Commences: Thursday 22nd October 2020
Final Class: Thursday 26th November 2020

In-Person After School Program

Term 4 2020


As well as our online programs, we offer a range of physical after school programs for students of select schools across South-East Queensland. For more information, head to the links below. 


Business Builders Program

Indooroopilly State High School - Grade 8-9

As part of our Business Builders after school program, we will be working with students to follow their interests and grow their ideas into a tangible product or service, giving them a way to bring their ideas to life, whilst also making money doing so. 

Junior Business Builders.jpg

Junior Business Builders

Kelvin Grove State College - Grade 3-5

In our Junior Business Builders program, students learn what it takes to design, create, and build their own business. They will take the time to understand the business basics before then building their own product or service, and brand ready to launch at the end of the term.

Digital Creators.jpg

Digital Creators

Kelvin Grove State College - Grade 6-8

In our Digital Creators after school program, we will be exploring a range of hands-on creative technologies as they work to solve a series of challenges and see how these technologies can be used to innovate around the world.

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