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Designed Spaces

STEM + Business

Grade 6 - 9

Full Day

As technology advances at an increasingly rapid rate, so does the way we work, live and play. Our cities, communities and spaces continue to develop and change to keep up to date with or increasingly diverse and demanding needs and as future leaders we need to understand the how our spaces function and understand how different members of our communities use our spaces in different ways.

Our 'Designed Spaces' program has been designed to get students thinking about the spaces they use to live, work and play on a daily basis, and to think about how they can redesign these spaces to keep up with society's ever changing needs. With strong links to mathematics, technology, business and humanities, these program is a great way to engage students in cross curricular project based learning to build their skills whilst encouraging them to be more conscious citizens. The Program Smart Cities + Spaces Around The World Space is a very broad term which is why we start the day by getting the students to look at what is happening in the space space around the world. From smart city designs to pod hotels, underground swimming pools and more. Who Uses Spaces? Next we start to look at the different kinds of people that use different spaces for different reasons. Here we start to build our skills empathising with different users to understand what we need to consider from a usability perspective. IoT In Action After we start by looking at these broad topics, we start to dive deep in to IoT (Internet Of Things) and how it can be used to create beautiful experiences and spaces that react to us. Space Design Before we launch into the main challenge, we will also spend some time using free apps and resources on our devices to look at space design in different forms. Students will be using tools such as augmented reality, pintrest, spacial mapping and more to look at good design. Our Spaces From here we're going to introduce students to the main challenge of redesigning one of their spaces. This will see students identifying a space at home, in their community or in the school that they want to transform to help improve its usability and accessibility. This main challenge will see students using technology, maths, research and customer analysis to plan, map, design and budget a spacial transformation.

Topics Covered

Key Details

Topics Covered

In our designed spaces program, students will be exploring smart cities and autonomous vehicles, connected devices, spacial mapping and area/perimeter.

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