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21st Century Leader Programs

We have compiled a few of our favourite programs from the classroom to build our 21st Century Leader program suite. These programs have been designed to help inspire and engage our students throughout 2020, showing them how they can find opportunity in the uncertainty that our communities are facing. 

These programs have been designed to build 21st-century skills within our students, helping them develop the skills to allow them to thrive in the workforce of the future. Each program can be tailored to fit with your timetable, subject area, and age of students with program options for one hour, two hours, and full-day sessions.

Smart Cities

In our ‘Smart Cities' workshop we will have students looking at how we use technology to make our lives easier, more efficient and more enjoyable. This workshop will see students looking at how technology is used to improve life in cities around the world, and how they can redesign their city to be a truly smart city.

Sustainable Futures

Our Sustainable Cities workshop will see students learning about sustainable city design as they explore some of the eco-friendly initiatives being launched in cities around the world. From there, students will be looking at how they can redesign elements of their homes, schools and suburbs to implement some of these ideas to ensure their spaces are clean, green

and environmentally friendly.

Community Leaders

Our 'Community Leaders' workshop will see students learning how they can build solutions to some of the challenges facing their communities. Building skills in design thinking, students will be learning to empathise with community members, collaborate, brainstorm and prototype to develop their solutions.

Future Of Work

Our ‘Future Of Work’ session aims to show students the amazing opportunities available to them when it comes to the future of work. Looking at the 100 Jobs Of The Future, we will have students exploring roles that are expected to become available in the next 20-50 years. Students will be defining job descriptions, building resumes and linking these roles to jobs that already exist today to demystify the fear surrounding the future of work.

Designed Spaces

In our ‘Designed Spaces’ program, students will be challenged to redesign a specific area in their school to see how they can make the space more enjoyable for the students, parents and teachers using the space. Using a design sprint format, students will be designing, testing and refining their ideas as they decide what they want the spaces they learn in should look like.

Business Builders

Our 'Business Builders' workshop will see students learning how they can launch, scale and grow their businesses while they’re still in school. Looking at a range of different business models ranging from influencer brands to social enterprises, small businesses and startups, students will then work through a framework to develop their own business that can be launched while they’re still in school.

For more information on these workshop programs, make sure to download our 21st Century Leaders program

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Our Values

At BOP we create programs that you wouldn't typically see in a standard classroom. We focus on innovation in education and aim to build unique experiences for students that help them explore pathways and opportunities they hadn't previously considered. Everything we do is created by young people, for young people and is bolstered with industry knowledge and academic fundamentals. We have a few key pillars that shape the work we do, these are:


We strongly believe in building true multipotentialites; students with a range of interests in diverse areas. Research shows the students require diverse skillsets for success and we encourage this.

Student Centred

The student is at the centre of all we do at BOP. Our programs are developed by young people, for young people and we work to create content students will enjoy consuming and working with first and foremost.

Real, Relevant, Relatable

Historically the three R's of education have always been Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic. As we prepare our students for the workforce of the future we have redefined our three R's to ensure everything we do is Real, Relevant and Relatable.

The Power Of Gen Z

Generation Z, our digital natives, are growing up in a world unlike that of any other generation. Because of this they think in a very different way. At BOP we encourage our students to think big and share their ideas, opinions and views on the work they're doing.

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